10 Super Simple DIY Activities To Do With Your Kids

10 Super Simple DIY Activities To Do With Your Kids

Covid-19 has been tough on our kids as much it has on us. With schools having come to a halt, the healthy growth of our childrens’ social lives has come to a pause indefinitely. 

With the social situation ever-so-slightly bettering, the uncertainty of things might sometimes seem overwhelming to adults and kids alike. 

Having powered on through more than half of 2020, we know it’s been a task for parents worldwide to keep their little ones occupied in healthy ways! Looking for ways to deal with the never ending supply of energy that kids seem to magically possess? 

The key is to make them feel like you’re on the same team. Partner with them on an activity that engages you both. Dance together or paint a picture, make music or pick up a course on Kyt – they have online classes for just about anything your little one could want to learn!

Confused as to what might be the best activity to take up with your children? Here’s our carefully curated list of 10 DIY, easy-to-try activities that will leave little room for mischief in your young one’s mind:

  1. Try out these 5 easy-cheesy pull-apart bread recipes for when you’re lazy but still could love some extra soul in your food! Easy to make and loved by kids as much as by the adults, these could be the perfect snack or quick dinner or easy lunch!
  1. Myfrugaladventures.com features a recipe of perfect homemade bouncy balls for kids that actually bounce! Make it your own by adding your favourite dye or essential oil for fragrance, or even sparkles -whatever tickles your fancy!
  1. Opt for a little break in the middle of an overwhelming day. Give your little one some coloring of their own to do, while you print out and color some amazing art for yourself. You’d be surprised how much coloring in boxes helps you declutter your brain! This website has colouring pages for children as well as more sophisticated pages for adults to fill in.
  1. Follow this easy DIY recipe to make your own unicorn slime or add different dyes in to make your own superhero slime! You could also add a drop of your favourite essential oil for the fragrance.
  1. Craving chocolate? How about making a batch of the viral 2-minute oreo mug cake? It takes only two ingredients and is super easy to whip up! Procrastination day? No problem.  
  1.  Engage yourself and your little one in making these cute yarn bowls out of basic household items to store markers or odds and ends! These could also make great additions for your dresser or on the table as a fruit bowl. 
  1. Sweet tooth? Try making these 4 easy no-bake desserts! All of these recipes have only three ingredients each and could be done with basic kitchen staples so you don’t need to go shopping exclusively.
  1. Make these fun confetti bowls in no time and use them to store jewellery, knick-knacks, stationery or whatever you please! These are fun to make, and won’t take more than 15 minutes of your time.
  1. Inculcate the habit of reading in your kids by giving them reading lists. Find out the genres your baby likes and focus on those to make these lists. Learn how to make cute little page-corner bookmarks by following the instructions on this page!
  1. Follow this tutorial for step-by-step instructions on 8 different tie and dye patterns that you could use to make t-shirts in a fun family activity that involves all. You could use these to tie and dye just about any piece of clothing, or cotton bags and could be a really fun hobby to take up for most ages. 

Alternatively, amongst the gazillion dedicated platforms and websites that exist on the vast and resourceful rooms of the internet, here are some of our top picks:

  1. Tasty.co is a website dedicated to easy as well as elaborate recipes to keep your loved ones interested in home cooking. Most of them come with videos that make them easier to follow.
  2. Feltmagnet.com for ideas for crafts. Felt Magnet is a corner for those passionate about painting, crafts, textiles and sewing, photography and more!
  3. The 36th Avenue is a website by passionate blogger, Desiree Campbell. She posts about  DIY crafts for grown ups and kids as well as decor, gift ideas and recipes.

There are numerous websites and instagram pages run by people passionate about arts and crafts. You could also search for the hashtags #DIY or #5minutecrafts, or pick specific crafts that you want to try and search for instagram tutorials by other users. 

Whatever you choose, remember, patience is key and that these unprecedented times are just as tough for your little one as they are for you. We hope you have a happy and satisfying activity time! 

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