Bringing high-quality extracurricular learning online for kids

Bringing high-quality extracurricular learning online for kids

  • Unlike other ed-tech players, Kyt focuses exclusively on bringing high-quality extracurricular learning online to kid between ages of 5-15 yrs 
  • Kyt has partnered with educators and artistes around the world to create exclusive in-house curriculum and proprietary content
  • As per the survey conducted with 300+ parents, most enroll their kids in 2-3 extracurriculars courses each year
  • Kyt already has over a thousand users signed up to enroll for their classes. Enrollment begins October 5, 2020

Kyt, a new startup founded by Bhavik Rathod (ex-Uber chief / former founding member of Uber India) and Tripti Ahuja, has launched an online-first global academy to solve for extracurricular courses for kids between the ages of 5-15 years. With private and small-group sessions offered live, Kyt is leveraging technology to open a whole world of extracurricular courses to kids around the world. With a strong focus on a structured curriculum, high quality instructors and interactive product features – Kyt promises a strong alternative to traditional offline schools that are often the only recourse for kids interested in areas such as dance, music, chess, singing, yoga, etc.

In addition, Kyt has also secured exclusive partnerships with top educators and artistes from around the world to allow parents to choose the best possible teachers and really invest in their children, by supporting and nurturing their child’s budding interests. These curriculum partners include the likes of:

  • Grandmaster Vidit Gujrathi, globally ranked #23 and captain of the India team that won Gold at the recent Online World Chess Olympiad
  • Ruel Varindani, award-winning choreographer from the Philippines, who also represents India on the World Hip-Hop stage and has won Sony Entertainment’s Super Dancer besides sweeping up several Bollywood awards for his choreography! 
  • Kyt is also the official platform to offer the revolutionary reading program – Nardagani – by Narda Pitkethly, based out of the US, that makes English reading simple and effective.
  • Sabrina Merchant – celebrity yoga instructor that has created themed based yoga classes specially designed for kids with clients like Taimur Ali Khan, popular star child of Kareena and Saif Ali Khan.
  • Kamakshi & Vishala – sister-duo who also run The Sound Space in Mumbai and have created specialised sessions for children to teach Indian Classical and Western Vocals

The future of education is a hybrid of offline and online learning. Primary schools will soon re-open once Covid is behind us. This blended form of learning has seen increasing adoption this past year in the US, Singapore, Australia, India, and elsewhere. Several startups have scaled up recently offering academic courses online across all age groups. However, holistic learning that is focussed on extracurriculars like music, dance, chess, yoga, etc. has got little attention from EdTech startups.

Where earlier, parents were limited to neighbourhood schools for music or dance, with Kyt, they now have access to world-class instructors with all the same seriousness of proper training, assessment, feedback, and encouragement. Students can showcase their progress at the end of each course period, and parents have access to timely progress reports.

What started out as a goal to build something for their own daughter, Bhavik, Co-founder & CEO said, “We believe that supporting a child’s inclination to learn new things aren’t “additional” or extra – they are essential to all-round development. Nurturing interests outside the world of academia equips children with essential life skills. Plus, access to reputable institutions and respected teachers paves the way for a life-long love for learning. We want the children who sign up on kyt to find something that interests them, and wish to pursue it whole-heartedly.”

Kyt is now live for students with enrollment beginning from October 5th, and is making a big bet on changing the way kids learn by offering a variety of extracurricular courses. For the ones that just want to try some short courses or try different skills, Kyt also offers Workshop sessions to learn magic, online courses on cricket, art and baking classes and even learning how to rap!

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